5 DIY Craft Projects You Can Make with Recycled Materials with Kids

Have you ever stared at an empty cereal box or a discarded plastic bottle and thought, “There’s got to be something more I can do with this than just throw it away”? Well, guess what? There is! And the cherry on top? You can get the kids involved, too. Imagine the joy on their faces as they transform mundane items into spectacular masterpieces! Today, we’ll dive deep into the wonderland of DIY craft projects, specially crafted for you and your young ones. All you’ll need are some recycled materials and a sprinkle of creativity. Ready? Let’s dive in!

1. Toilet Paper Roll Owls

Ever thought that the humble toilet paper roll could make a wise old owl?


  1. Gather some empty toilet paper rolls, paint, googly eyes, and colored paper.
  2. Paint the roll with your choice of color.
  3. Once dried, flatten the top slightly to make “ears”.
  4. Glue on googly eyes and use colored paper to make a beak and feet.
  5. Decorate as desired. Feathers, perhaps?

Isn’t it a hoot how simple items can become a piece of art?

2. Cereal Box Puzzles

Who knew breakfast could be the gift that keeps on giving?


  1. Finish up your cereal and save the box.
  2. Cut the front into random shapes to form puzzle pieces.
  3. Mix them up and challenge your child to reassemble the picture.

It’s a piece of cake—or should we say cereal?

3. Plastic Bottle Piggy Bank

Saving the environment while saving pennies? Talk about a win-win!


  1. Take an empty plastic bottle and clean it.
  2. Cut a small slit on the side for coins and notes.
  3. Paint it with funky colors.
  4. Add googly eyes, felt ears, and a curly pipe cleaner tail.

Remember, every penny counts, just like every recycled bottle.

4. Magazine Bead Necklaces

Wear your heart on your sleeve and your trash as treasures.


  1. Rip out colorful pages from old magazines.
  2. Cut the pages into long triangles.
  3. Starting at the wide end, roll the triangle tightly around a toothpick.
  4. Seal the pointed end with glue, then slide out the toothpick.
  5. Thread a string through the beads and voila!

Who knew magazines could make a fashion statement?

5. Egg Carton Flowers

Flowers that don’t wilt? Yes, please!


  1. Separate individual cups from an egg carton.
  2. Paint the cups inside and out.
  3. Once dry, cut petals into the edges.
  4. Glue a button or a bead in the center.
  5. Attach to a stick, and you’ve got a bouquet that’ll last forever!

The beauty of nature combined with recycled materials? Blooming brilliant!

Key Takeaways

  • Crafting with kids not only promotes creativity but teaches them about sustainability.
  • Everyday recyclable materials can be transformed into unique art pieces.
  • Working on projects together can strengthen bonds and create lasting memories.

Have you ever realized the immense potential hiding in your recycling bin? Now’s the perfect time to rummage through those recyclables and ignite the flames of creativity with your kids. After all, isn’t crafting with love, laughter, and a touch of eco-friendliness the best kind of crafting there is?

So the next time you’re about to toss something into the bin, take a moment. Could this be your next art project? You just might be throwing away an owl, a puzzle, a piggy bank, a necklace, or a flower waiting to blossom. Happy crafting!

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